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I’m Jim Arnoff, a Certified Career, Business and Life Coach Who Partners With You To Create Your Best Professional & Personal Life

Combined with my extensive entertainment industry experience working with creatives, I collaborate with my clients to make courageous changes to create the life they want and deserve. 


Let's Get You Where
You Want To Be

I work with people and professionals at all stages in their lives and career. Let's work together to help you reach and exceed your professional and personal goals.

Business Coach

If you own and operate your own business, I'm here to be an asset to your growth. Let's work together to define your business goals and create an action plan to get you there.

Career Coach

Feel stuck at work? Losing motivation to give it your best? Or maybe you don't think there's a path for growth. As your career coach, we will create a long-term strategic plan to help you reach your professional goals, keep you motivated and increase your productivity.

Life Coach

Guidance, support and motivation are the key benefits of a life coach. Together, we'll take a look at the big picture, plot a course to help you reach personal goals or achievements and help make sense of what's going on.

I coach all aspects of your personal life.....relationships, dating, home environment, career/life mix, trauma recovery, addiction, sexual orientation or any other challenges you may have in any part of your life


Training The Best

I’ve had the pleasure to work with and train some of the most innovative companies and organizations in New York and Los Angeles.

Ready for a high-impact workshop for your company or members?

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There are plenty of questions you may have when deciding the best coach for you. I've answered some of the
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"Jim has been leading career coaching and pitching workshops with the Filmshop community for many years. His attentiveness and passion for coaching comes through in every interaction. Words matter, and Jim continually reminds me to honor my accomplishments and to speak with precision and conviction."
- Albert Beniada
Executive Director | Filmshop


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