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“Power Networking, Power Pitching...Become a Master of  Them Both”
“Embracing All of Your Creativity….Empowering, Energizing, Exhilarating”
“Embracing What You Can Control in Your Career…Right Now!”
“Envisioning Your Ideal Career in Your New World….Be Bold, Be Courageous”
“Being A Powerful Leader...Wherever You Are in Your Career”
“Get It Off the Page…..Creating Powerful Sizzle Reels”
“Creating an Abundant Mindset….Embracing Your Creative Assets”
“Creating Maximum Visibility in the Industry…..Front and Center”
“Presenting with Impact.....Every Situation, Every Time”
“Claiming Your Voice, Owning Your Power...Taking Charge of Your Career”
“The Ultimate Confidence Building Workshop....Being Fully Aligned With Your Passion (s)”
“Creating Your Ideal Career...Building a Powerful Action Plan to Get There”
“Upping Your Game By Embracing Change….What Scares You, Empowers You”
“Roadblocks Are Your New Best Friend….Here’s Why”                              
“Tough Talks Made Easy...Lose the Fear, Gain the Confidence”
“Reinventing Yourself.......Expanding Your Options, Embracing Your Creativity”
“Being a Powerful Negotiator....Creating the Win, Win”
“Reinvigorating Your Career….Taking Courageous Steps for Breakthroughs”
“Being Courageous in Every Part of Your Career....Reaping the Gold”
“Navigating the Legal Aspects of Your Entertainment Career…Playing It Smart”
“Walk the Talk........Being in Integrity in all Parts of Your Career”
“Public Speaking Made Easy.....Lose the Fear, Gain the Confidence”
“The Energy and Power of Words...Connecting with Powerful Results”
“Reducing Stress...Taking Back Control of Your Life”
“Creating and Leveraging Your Unique Career Brand...Define, Embrace, Communicate!
“Creating Powerful Collaborations….Your Agent, Manager, Producer, Co-Writer, Director, Editor, Creative Partner”
“The Ultimate Team Building Strategy....Empowering, Valuing, Maximizing”
“Taking Your Career to the Next Level....It’s Easier Then You Think”
“Claiming Your Authentic Voice....Being Fully Expressed in Every Situation”
“Jump Starting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit....Why Wait, Why Now”
“Accelerate Your Own Business.....Embracing Your Strengths, Creativity and Resiliency”
“Becoming a Highly Effective Communicator...The Top 10 Secrets”
“Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills....Connecting with Confidence and Impact”
“How to Gain the Confidence to Be a Masterful Negotiator....The 10 Top Secrets”
“Fear Busting in Your Career...10 Easy Busters that Last”
“Boundaries and the Power of No...Creating Self-Care and Maximum Fulfillment”
“Grieving a Career/Personal Loss.....Recovering Powerfully”
“Maximizing Your Personality and Energy For a More Powerful Career”
“Building Resiliency....Taking Control of Your Professional and Personal Life”
“Navigating Politics in the Workplace....It’s Easier Than You Think”
“Networking for Introverts....Owning Your Differences, Embracing YourStrengths”
“Getting Ready for the Real World...Powerful Networking, Pitching and Interviewing”
“Ask the Career Coach Everything You Wanted to Know About Maximizing Your Career”
“Demystifying How Television Series Development Really Works...The Agent’s Insider Take”
“Nailing the Interview....10 Tips to Making It Happen”
“Ask the Talent Agent Everything About the Business....Now’s Your Chance”
“The Secrets to Powerful Cover Emails, Bios and Credits.... High Impact, High Energy”
“Entertainment Hyphenates....Embracing Multiple Careers for  Extraordinary Results”
“The Agent’s Take on Breaking Into and Becoming a Successful On-Air Talent”
                                 (or Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Production Company)
“Powerful Coaching Skills for Everyday Producing” (or Writing, Directing, Acting)

Workshop Partners

New York Women in Film & Television
Women in Film
Writers Guild of America East
Writers Guild of America West
Writers Guild Foundation/Veterans Writing Project
AFI Women’s Director Workshop
NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers”
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Children's Media Association
Actors Fund East
Actors Fund West
Veterans in Media & Entertainment
Alliance of Women Directors
Chincana Directors Initiative
Hollywood Women’s Collection
Film Fatales
The Filmshoop
The Gotham/IFP
NBCUniversal - Women’s, Black, Latino Employee Resource Groups
Girls Club
NYU Tisch Office of Career Services
NYU Tisch West
NYU Arts & Entertainment Alumni Network
Hollywood Radio & Television Society
Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society
Post New York Alliance/Editors
Gibney Dance

Fashion Group International
FIT Career Services

LeGal/LGBT Bar Association
Cardozo School of Law
George Washington University School of Law
NYC Bar Association

NYU Wasserman Career Services
NYU Wagner School of Public Service
NYU College of Arts & Sciences
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
New York Academy of Dramatic Arts
Montclair State University Film Department
University of Pennsylvania Alumni Relations
George Washington University Alumni Relations

West Point Eisenhower Leadership Development Program
West Point Spectrum/LGBT Cadets
Wounded Warriors

Financial Women’s Association

Out Professionals
LGBT Employee Resource Group
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Employee Resource Group
Out in Tech
Gay Coaches Alliance
Start Out
SAGE/Gay Seniors

NYD Department of Small Business Services

New York Public Library - Science, Industry, Business Library
24 Helps

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